As a dog owner and breeder I have fed my dogs a raw diet since 2002 and my only regret is that I hadn’t fed this always.

I converted all my dogs onto the raw diet because one had dreadful skin problems. After only a short while I was amazed that not only did my “problem boy” improve immensely but my happy healthy girls all started getting even happier and healthier too!

I am convinced that feeding a wide variation of raw meaty bones with a small amount of organs and fatty fish is the most natural and healthy way to feed my dogs. Unfortunately I am not in the position to have any cats but if I did they too would be raw feed.

Raw meaty bones are not only the best nutrition my carnivores can get but they are also their perfect tooth brushes and their most enjoyable past time. Not to mention that feeding raw meaty bones is just so much fun for us humans to feed and watch!

When I started raw feeding  I quickly learnt that having experienced raw feeders to back me up was extremely beneficial.  All too often I would meet people that would react in horror if I told them what my healthy looking dogs were fed and I found my self having to defend my feeding regime. The backup from people on internet raw feeding lists gave me the confidence to speak up for my beliefs and gave me many tips along the way.

Years later I’m proud to do my bit promoting species appropriate diets to willing owners for their beloved pets. Hopefully I can give others the same confidence to feed what nature intended.

It’s exciting when we get interested people down to “the barn” during the week or to the market in the weekends wanting to know all about what we do.

It’s so cool when “the converted” come back wanting more food for their pets and bursting with enthusiastic good news how their pets have changed so much for the better since starting the raw diet.

Hopefully I have whet your appetite to learn more about your pets’ nutrional needs. Please feel free to come and visit us