Other Products

Our other products

*Purple ear cleaner – A remarkable ear cleaner that does a magnificent job in not only cleaning the ears but also giving soothing relief.

*Colloidal Silver 500ml – Nature’s natural antibiotic.

*Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 250grams – This is a safe chemical free way to combat internal and external parasites.

*Book “Work Wonders: Feed your dog raw meaty bones”
by Tom Lonsdale
This is great reading! A real asset for both starter and experienced raw feeders.

Healthy Dog and Cat treats
Born out of a need for our own dogs we started making dehydrated treats. We have the peace of mind knowing they are guaranteed free of any preservatives or taste enhancers.
These 100% natural treats don’t mess up your pockets and break easily making them go a long way when using them for training. Last but not least our dogs love them!
Our unique selection of treats generally also cater for the needs of those pets with special requirements such as allergy sufferers.