Raw Essentials products

Raw Essentials
The range is wonderfully varied with the best products nature can supply your pets with.
The wild caught rabbit, hare and possum is not only extremely healthy and loved by pets but its also environmentally friendly!
Pets will receive all the healthy raw nutrients they require when these “Raw Essentials” are fed in varied meals.
In your pet’s mind perhaps the most important factor is that they gain the much needed mental and physical stimulation of chewing and ripping palatable raw meaty bones. Teeth are automatically cleaned and pet minds are VERY content.

Wild caught Rabbit
Whole rabbit    approx. 1000 g
Shoulder    approx. 500 g
Mince    500 g
Fillet    approx. 500 g
Wild caught Hare
Fillet    approx. 500 g
Mince    500 g
Wild caught Possum
Mince    250 g
Tongue & heart mix    500 g
RE Lamb/Hare mix    1kg
RE Venison Mix     750 g
Green tripe chunks    Approx 1kg
Not for human consumption